Alison Vella

Financial Crime Risk Manager

Alison is a seasoned and qualified financial crime risk manager with an extensive career spanning over 25 years across diverse industries.  Beginning her journey with a prominent bank in Malta, Alison has held pivotal roles such as Private Clients Manager in the Wealth Management Department and later, Transaction Monitoring Lead and Head of Governance and Oversight within the Financial Crime Compliance Department.  Since joining KOMPLY in 2018, Alison has seamlessly applied her wealth of experience to various sectors, including financial services, notarial services, retirement administration, accountancy, auditing, and corporate service providers, among others.

At KOMPLY, she wears dual hats as the Head of Governance and a Relationship Manager for several key clients.


Alison’s key strengths include: Tailoring Risk Assessments- Crafting business risk assessments, customer risk assessments, counterparties risk assessments, and jurisdictional risk assessments tailored to the size, risks, and complexities of clients. Governance and Compliance- Supporting businesses with robust governance processes and controls, fostering a culture of corporate compliance, managing reputational risk, and monitoring key risk indicators within the business. Technology Solutions: Designing and implementing technology solutions to streamline due diligence and risk assessment processes.


Alison brings to the table a fusion of experience in delivering excellent customer service alongside a robust approach to risk management. Her strategic insights and hands-on expertise make her a valuable asset in navigating the intricate landscape of financial crime risk management.


7 March: 14:00 – 14:50

Breakout Session 3

AML Compliance and Trends in the Digital Age

8 March: 16:15 – 17:00

Moderated Session
AML Risk Assessment – Identity and Mitigating Money Laundering Risks