Colin Calleja

Director of Risk

Colin holds the position of Director of Risk at BDO Malta and currently heads the risk advisory and compliance advisory service lines within the firm. He is a risk professional and holds a certification to practice risk management. Colin is passionate about applying enterprise risk management across all areas and enabling organizations to understand and take the opportunities that exist in positioning themselves within their respective markets.


Colin also manages BDO’s Internal Compliance Team ensuring that the team implements best practice due diligence and other compliance-related procedures, and that these are in line with the firm’s obligations and requirements. This while also taking up the position of Whistleblower Reporting Officer of the firm. Colin works closely with regulated entities within the financial services, banking, investments and fund management sectors. Colin’s expertise includes enterprise risk management, corporate governance, whistleblower protection and business continuity management.


7 March: 16:15 – 17:00

Moderated Session
The Role of Risk Culture in Effective Enterprise Risk Management