Dr Thea Camilleri

Thea Saliba

Regulatory Compliance Manager

Dr Thea Camilleri is a warranted lawyer, with vast experience in the financial services field. Following her legal practice at the courts of law in Malta, she transitioned her career to specialize in corporate law.


Subsequently, she joined the Malta Financial Services Authority, where her responsibilities included the supervision and assessment of licensed entities, both on-site and off-site, over a duration of five years.


In April 2021, Thea embarked on a new professional journey by taking on the position of Compliance Manager at LEXCO Compliance. Her primary role involves providing consultancy services to clients, amongst other duties. Furthermore, Thea holds the distinction of being PQ’d by the MFSA to serve as a compliance officer for a select number of authorized Corporate Service Providers.

Thea Saliba


8 March: 14:00 – 14:50

Breakout Session 3
The Human Factor in GRC: Labour Relations, Culture and Ethics