Praveen Singh

Head of IT Risk and Cybersecurity

Praveen heads up the IT Risk and Cybersecurity at ICBC Standard Bank. He has spent over 20 years in the financial services sector, including 10 years in management consulting in UK, US, Europe, China and India.

He has worked with multiple Tier 1 and other Financial services organisation around the world on topics such as Transformation, Technology, Risk, Regulation, Cybersecurity, Outsourcing and Resilience.  

When time permits, he likes to speak and write about technology, risk, cybersecurity and transformation.

Outside of work, apart from spending time with his daughter, he is also a big fan of Formula 1 racing, cricket and spends time reading.


8 March: 15:00- 15:45
Moderated Session

Building a Cyber Security Culture – Strategies for Embedding Security in an Organisational Culture